Founded in 1993, BANANA 'S OPERATION company offers you for nearly 20years, its services in sales, repair, maintenance; servicing and renting.

Games for carnivals and fairgrounds, simulators, pinballs, pool and air hockey tables, juke boxes, boxer and hammer types of games... Our panel of products is large enough to satisfy any of   your expectations.

BANANA'S DISTRIBUTION is also present in Guyana, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Mauritius, Reunion, Tahiti among others and in Maghreb.

Strong of its presence on the ground, BANANA'S DISTRIBUTION added a new feather in its cap by getting the exclusivity of the JAKAR Lign of products in 1994.

Also, added the distribution of multi brands such as STERN, SEGA, KRISS, NAMCO, FALGAS, RITTER...

Aware of requirements and imperatives bound to the Operator job, BANANA 'S DISTRIBUTION did know how to emphasize servicing, advice and assistance and thanks to its shops, offers you spares parts and accessories.

Our présence abroad as well as our network allow us to propose also a range of second hand equipment fui/y refurbished.

Further more , we can handle all logistics aspects of your orders whether national or international